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From time to time I come across fun / interesting archival documents. I have decided to start collecting them. 

Superpowers: Telekinesis.

This document describes a CIA-led experiment that verifies one man has paranormal abilities of telekinesis. In particular he could heat objects by touching them.

Superpowers: Remote viewing

The linked document below is a review by the Federation of American Scientists on programs that verify humans can see objects far away. Sort of like Dr. X in X-men. The report suggests that the estimates of some subjects were accurate beyond what could be determined through random chance.


The linked document is a comprehensive review of classified CIA programs into UFOs. Interestingly, the Soviets and PRC also had dedicated UFO programs and the CIA worked hard to spy on those programs.

$22 million underpants

This year, IARPA program "Smart E-PANTS" awarded $22 million to build underpants. 

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