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From time to time I come across fun / interesting archival documents. I have decided to start collecting them. 

Superpowers: Telekinesis.

This document describes a CIA-led experiment that verifies one man has paranormal abilities of telekinesis. In particular he could heat objects by touching them.

Superpowers: Remote viewing

The linked document below is a review by the Federation of American Scientists on programs that verify humans can see objects far away. Sort of like Dr. X in X-men. The report suggests that the estimates of some subjects were accurate beyond what could be determined through random chance.


The linked document is a comprehensive review of classified CIA programs into UFOs. Interestingly, the Soviets and PRC also had dedicated UFO programs and the CIA worked hard to spy on those programs.


Torture works. 

This is not a fun document. In general, I think torture is a bad thing for the US to do. However, I often hear students (and experts) say that "there is not evidence that torture works." That is simply not true. Here is one of at least 12 declassified CIA documents that illustrate the gains made from enhanced interrogation. To be clear, this doesn't make it right. But to make informed policy choices we must distinguish between effectiveness and ethics. 

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