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Published Articles

2022, "Shooting the Messenger: The Challenge of National Security Whistleblowing,"  with Michael Poznansky and William Spaniel. The Journal of Politics, accepted. Click here to download.  (War on the Rocks)

2021, "A Little Bit of Cheap Talk is a Dangerous Thing: States Can Communicate Intentions Persuasively and Raise the Risk of War.," The Journal of Politics, (83) 1. DOI:

Award: Best paper, Formal Theory Section, American Political Science Association

2018 "Media Technology, Covert Action, and the Politics of Exposure,'' with Michael Poznansky. Journal of Peace Research. Vol 55, issue 3. DOI:

2018 "Are Coups Really Contagious? An Extreme Bounds Analysis of Political Diffusion," with Michael K. Miller and Dorothy Ohl.  Journal of Conflict Resolution. vol. 62, issue 2. DOI:

Book Project: Great Power Politics: A rationalist theory of historical and cultural context.

Under review at Cornell University Press (CSAS).


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Under Review

When Do Leader Attributes Matter? Evidence from the President's Daily Brief, with Michael Goldfien and Daniel Krcmaric

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