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This photo was taken outside Saddam Hussien's Secret Policy Head-Quarters (The Mukhabarat) in Bagdad, Iraq.

The history of Iraqi Intelligence and US-Iraq diplomacy provide important lessons for my research: (1) The Mukhabarat show exactly what leaders will do to understand their enemies. (2) The Iraq wars remind us of the consequences of ineffective communication: Had Saddam been able to communicate his interests effectively, the world may be a different place. 

Greetings! Thanks for visiting my website. I am an assistant professor at UC, San Diego. 

My research has two strands. In the first, I integrate the historical and cultural determinants of state-motives into strategic models of great power politics. In the second, I explore how modern technology and secrecy create opportunities and challenges for the intelligence community. My research has interested policy-makers in Washington DC because it provides novel insights about Sino-American relations and the use of digital technology in intelligence analysis.

Before starting my Ph.D., I worked as a foreign policy consultant in Iraq, Australia, Jordan, and the US. 

I like woodworking, making ice cream, taking my daughter to the zoo and stand-up comedy. 


If my research or my hobbies interest you, please reach out via email!  

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